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MARCA Information for ARRL Field Day 2022  


Location: see Field Day Map or click here.

MARCA will be operating as a class 2A field day station. Class 2A allows 2 regular stations plus a GOTA station, a vhf station, and a satellite or packet station. We will operate phone, cw, tty, psk, and other digital modes.

Equipment setup will start on Friday afternoon (June 24th) and finish on Saturday morning (June 25th).

The Field Day contest operations starts Saturday June 25th at 11am and ends 24 hrs later on Sunday June 26th at 11am.

Paul Bennett, kd7kdo, is the official CW "copier" of the ARRL Bulletin. All interested in participating in this 30 minute activity are Welcome. Paul will post the time of this event at the Vistiors table.

Becky Johnson will be our Social Media Manager. If you are into Social Media and would like to participate, contact Becky. This will be done using Facebook. 

The actual FD operations begins at 11:00 am Saturday, June 24th, and continues for a 24 hour period, 11:00 am Sunday June 26th. 

After the operating period ends we will tear down and be ready to hit the road back to the “cool” valley mid Sunday afternoon. 

There will be a Visitor Information table with schedule of events, guest  visitor book, Amateur Radio information, and MARCA information.

A training class with a interesting hands project is being planned. The project is open to all attendees. The class is Saturday and time will be announced and posted at the Visitor Information table.  Duration is 90 minutes. 

A MARCA sponsored BBQ is planned for Saturday night. (bbq, hot-dogs with the “fixins”, beans, chips and soda). We also are planning on a large stack of pancakes, sausagues, and eggs on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. You should provide all of your other meals, snacks, drinks, water, etc.

There is lots of camping space in and around the trees, so bring tent or motor home, sleeping bags and your normal “camping” equipment. You're also welcome to camp out in your pickup or SUV. If roughing it isn't your style, there is a small motel at Forest Lakes, which is close by. Also, a large group of the FD participants typically visit a local restaurant for a Friday night all-you-can-eat fish fry.

All hams, those interested in being Hams, families, friends, and neighbors are welcome. If you would like to participate, please email one of the committee members (listed below) with the number of people in your party, the number of hams and your approximate arrival time. Also, let us know if you can bring a rig or other equipment. Other equipment might be headphones, your favorite key or paddle, coax with PL259s etc. This year, the club has aquired sufficient deep cycle 12 volt batteries to operate all Field Day stations during contest period.

Join us for the entire field day event of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, for the weekend or just come up for the Saturday operations and Saturday evening bbq.

MARCA FD Committee

Paul Bennett, kd7kdo, 

Norm Johnson, aa7oo, 480-278-2886, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.